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What is Bot Response?

Bot response is the smart answer generated by our smart prediction engine present in your JSON responses
(astrologers in the case of daily, weekly, monthly, Yearly and transit predictions)
The response is made in such a way it can be directly used by chatbots for talk-back and other prediction services

Where can I test your API?

We have an intergrated test suite where you can test our API and the Response Data

What languages do you support?

We support multiple languages as given in the features page, we also plan to support few more

How are the calculations done?

Calculations are performed based on astrologer's advice and predictions are done
Predictions and calcualtions vary with astrologers

What happens when I cancel my subscription

Your subscription will be active till the end date for the monthly/yearly billing cycle or API calls are exhausted.
After which the API requests will be disabled

What happens if my allowed volume is exceeded?

Your API request volume can be exceeded by 10,000 calls without your service being affected.
Please note that after 10,000 calls from your volume has been used your API access will be disabled

What happens when I Upgrade?

When you Upgrade (or Downgrade) your existing plans will be overwritten with the new plan and new billing cycle

Is the payment recurring or one time?

Our plans are recurring monthly and yearly

Do you provide refunds?

Yes, Only Yearly plans are eligible for refund
If you are on a subscription you can cancel your yearly subscription then raise a ticket for a refund
One Time payments can raise a ticket for a refund directly

How do you calculate refunds?

The cost of usage duration of VedicAstroAPI (in billing months) is deducted from the amount paid (excludig GST)
If the start date of the yearly subscription/payment is 12th January 2018 for a payment of Rs.8990 + Rs.1619 (18% GST) equals Rs.10608 and is cancelled on 15 October 2018 for an upgrade
Refund is calculated in the following way
Principal amount - ((Principal amount ÷ (12 months))*(billing months elapsed))
8990 - ((8990 ÷ 12)*11)

What happens if the card I have used to subscribe works no more?

In that case you can update your card Details in the invoice mail that is sent by RazorPay
In case a payment fails RazorPay - Our payment gateway provider will send you an email to update your card details
There will be 4 attempts (once per day) before which your subscripton is halted and will not be active till the amount is paid

How early can I renew my plan?

You can renew 7 days before the plan expires

What mode of payments do you support?

We support most popular payment methods through We accept most credit & Debit cards
(Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diner's Club) via PayPal and RazorPay

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